Council News

The full community council minutes are always published on Cromarty Live, however we thought it might be useful to give an update from time to time of some of the things we have looked at in the past month that might be of general interest.

The Highland Council’s Environmental Health Service, working with Police Scotland, would like to remind all dog owners it is the owners’ responsibility to ensure that their dogs are kept under control at all times and not causing alarm, or fear to any person or animal.

The Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010 requires dog owners to ensure that their dogs cannot cause other people to be apprehensive that they that they themselves, or any other person, or animal might be harmed.

The onus is on the owner to make use of a lead, muzzle or other control method to ensure the safety of the public and other dogs and animals.

If dog walkers are uncertain if other dogs and people are in the vicinity, especially if their own dog is nervous or reactive they should keep their dog on a lead until it is safe to let them off.

Dog owners who fail to take appropriate measures to prevent their dog from being out of control risk being served with a control notice placing a legal requirement on the owner to keep their dog under control. A breach of a control notice is likely to result in court action with the possibility of a ban from owning or keeping dogs and a fine.

If a dog bites or attempts to bite a person this should be reported to Police Scotland in the first instance as it may be investigated under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Good training, socialisation and obedience methods can help prevent your dog from being out of control and minimising the risks to others.


Work carried out since the original slippage in 2011 has been a continual review and repair process with Highland Council (HC) over this period. The conclusions from the original geotechnical report were to do nothing which was not acceptable as the road would have been lost, do everything suggested in the report which was unaffordable or protect and repair as appropriate, which was the option chosen. HC was helped by a series of mild winters, which limited additional damage to the road.

In my opinion the communication with HC roads engineers since that time has been excellent. I was always in a position of knowledge so that I could let the community councils and residents know at what stage the works were and what was to happen next. Without the final resurfacing that has taken place in the past few months I do not think the road would have survived even in a mild winter. All I have had recently from locals is positive feedback. Cllr Craig Fraser

You can read June Council notices here on the subjects of seagulls and buses.

Portfolios assigned to Council members were updated at the June meeting and can be found here.

An update of the activities of the Port of Cromarty Firth can be found here.

The 35-page 'Cromarty and District Community Council Objection to proposed Ship to Ship Oil Transfer by the Cromarty Firth Port Authority' document prepared by Cromarty residents Duncan Bowers and Greg Fullarton can be found here in the Document Library.


The days are getting longer again and with that brings more activity outside for longer periods. This can lead to an increase in noise calls, socialising outside by way of garden parties etc and as a result, more calls to the police for assistance. The better weather also brings with it the potential for bogus workers to visit homes and try to take advantage of people obviously needing some work done in or around their homes whether that be paving/tarring work or roof cleaning etc. 

Sometimes, bogus callers try to get into vulnerable adults homes or obtain personal details by pretending they’re someone they are not intending to steal cash or valuables. Rogue traders usually cold call at homes and over charge for unnecessary work, damage property deliberately and use intimidating behaviour to extort money. If in doubt, turn them away politely but firmly, note any details you can (vehicles/names etc) without putting yourself at risk and call the police and/or local Trading Standards.  

Finally, the recently highlighted issues regarding telephone/online scams has not gone away. Sadly, some people are still falling victim to scam artists on the telephone pretending to be someone they are not, no matter what the situation is you should never pay any money to any cold caller to “release” funds and you should never be persuaded to move funds to a “safe” account because someone is on the phone telling you that your account has been “hacked” or similar. Banks will simply NOT do this to their customers, nor will companies like Microsoft etc. If you are unsure at all, hang up, wait a moment, pick up the phone again, CHECK FOR A DIAL TONE, then call your bank/card issuer or whoever to confirm they want to speak to you.

We continue to live in one of the safest most beautiful parts of the world, there is no need to be scared of crime, you just have to remain vigilant and weigh up any questionable situation with great care.