Council News

The full community council minutes are always published on Cromarty Live, however we thought it might be useful to give an update from time to time of some of the things we have looked at in the past month that might be of general interest.

Portfolios assigned to Council members were updated at the June meeting and can be found here.

Please sign this petition to show your support for the moderisation of Cromarty harbour.

Heavy rainfall and flooding roads remind us that both landowners and public bodies have responsibility for maintaining gullies and draining points. Section 99 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 states:

99 Prevention of flow of water etc. onto roads.

(1)The owner and the occupier of any land, whether or not that land is such as constitutes a structure over or across a road, shall prevent any flow of water or of filth, dirt or other offensive matter from, or any percolation of water through, the land onto the road.

(2)A person may, with the consent of the roads authority and subject to such reasonable conditions as may be imposed by that authority, at his own expense carry out such works in, or make such excavations under, the road as appear to him to be necessary for the purposes of his complying with subsection (1) above.

(3)Without prejudice to subsections (1) and (6) of this section, where there is onto a road such flow or percolation as is mentioned in subsection (1) above, the roads authority may by notice served on the owner or occupier of the land require him, within 28 days from the date of service of, or within such longer period from that date as may be specified in, the notice, to carry out such works or make such excavations as may be so specified, being works or excavations in their opinion necessary for compliance by him with subsection (1) above.

(4)A person upon whom a notice has been served under subsection (3) above may within 28 days of such service refer the matter by summary application to the sheriff; and the decision of the sheriff on the matter shall be final.

(5)Subsections (4) and (10) of section 56 of this Act shall apply in respect of works and excavations executed as is mentioned in subsection (2) or (3) above as the said subsections (4) and (10) apply in respect of works and excavations executed as is mentioned in subsection (1) of that section.

(6)A person failing to comply with subsection (1) above commits an offence.


The 35-page 'Cromarty and District Community Council Objection to proposed Ship to Ship Oil Transfer by the Cromarty Firth Port Authority' document prepared by Cromarty residents Duncan Bowers and Greg Fullarton can be found here in the Document Library.