26 May 2009
Cromarty digs in for future

Many Cromarty cottages have tiny gardens or none, but this has not put off budding gardeners in the town. Determined to grow more of their own fresh food, residents have set up a new organisation to develop allotments and promote gardening of all kinds. 

After over a year in development, the Cromarty Allotments and Gardens Society finally took form at a meeting last Thursday. The Society aims to develop garden sharing, seed and plant swaps,  competitions, shows and other activities to support gardeners and will also work to create allotments to meet the growing demand. 

The new Society's secretary, John Wood, said, "Last year we tested demand and found nearly 30 local people keen to take an allotment if one were available. Interest has come from right across the community, from all ages and backgrounds. However, finding a suitable site has proved very difficult. Obviously we would like a site that is near enough for people to access it easily, but most land is allocated for development, or unavailable for other reasons. We are not put off and are still looking. We are determined to grow our own fresh, local food, share resources, and offer support and help to those wanting to get involved. It will bring huge benefits to everyone involved, the wider community, and the planet."

Information about about the new Society and its activities can be found here

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