16 August 2009
Your help is requested!

The Cromarty Arts Trust has awarded me a residency which provides accommodation and studio space at The Stables for a month.

I am here for the first time, enjoying exploring Cromarty and its surroundings, and find that writing about what I see has become part of my art-making.

Whilst there will be an exhibition of my work at The Stables before I leave, I thought it would convey a proper appreciation of the place, the people I meet, and the trust’s work, if some of this writing could be presented as part of the townscape.

I am asking businesses and residents who have a window to spare if they would host a text for a month...... I’ll photograph the work in place as part of the documentation process and these photos will add to the entire project.

I hope you can help by exhibiting a page of my writing and thank the people of Cromarty for their welcome and hospitality.

Best wishes,
Lynn Baxter

There will be an Open Day and Exhibition at The Stables on Thursday, 3 September from 11am to 4pm. Come along and meet Lynn Baxter and see what she has been doing during her month in residence (besides leaving intriguing 'word-pictures' in Cromarty windows!).

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