14 October 2009
Mhairi Wild - visiting designer/maker

Mhairi first visited Cromarty three years ago as a visiting tutor to teach mixed media to the Highlands and Islands secondary school teachers.

Although she was only here for a short time, Cromarty left a very favourable impression. She has returned for a week, staying at Ardyne in Bank Street, to research the community and the impact that coastal erosion and rising sea levels would have on this historical burgh.

‘Most of my work is textile based and is inspired by text, photographs and found objects. I spent the early part of my life living near the sea, and I think it is something that leaves a lasting impression, which I have certainly carried with me through my life. Coastal communities have learned to evolve over time as industries come and go. There are many fascinating stories of survival and regeneration, but how does a community survive the threat of being submerged or eroded and falling into the sea?’ Mhairi asked.

‘I think it is staggering that local government doesn’t even have a budget for sea defences. I hope that the joint exhibition that I am working on with my partner, Alan, will help to highlight the importance of protecting the Cromarty community, and preserving it’s history for future generations. It would be dreadful to imagine people referring to where Shore Street USED to be before it was taken by the sea.’

You can chart Mhairi’s progress and pictures on her blog, which can be accessed through her website. If anyone would like to leave a comment or pass on any local stories, she would be delighted to hear from you.

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