05 April 2010
Writing competition to mark 400th anniversary of Sir Thomas Urquhart's birth

Next year, 2011, is the 400th anniversary of the birth of Sir Thomas Urquhart — Episcopalian Laird of Cromarty, Royalist soldier in the Civil Wars, would-be inventor of a Universal Language, a writer and translator who could name all of his ancestors back to Adam and Eve.

Cromarty History Society plans to celebrate the anniversary by publishing a children's book of the life of Sir Thomas with the writer to be chosen by competition. Entrants are invited to submit a story of between 2000-2500 words by the 6th of August. Initial judging will be done by a panel of adults with the children of Cromarty Primary School choosing the winner from the best three entrants. At the end of the year the book will be distributed free to children in the upper stages of Black Isle primary schools.

Full details can be found on the Cromarty History Society website.

Update: A competition will be held to select an artist to prepare 12 coloured illustrations to accompany the children's book on Sir Thomas Urquhart. Entries with the required black-and-white drawing must be submitted by Wednesday, 30 June. Again, details can be found on the Cromarty History Society website.

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