26 May 2010
Tour highlights progress on East Church

David Alston and Caroline Vawdrey escorted visitors around the interior of the East Church to highlight progress made since a cessation of work over the winter months. A thin 'biscuit' layer of cement has been laid — and timber framing constructed — to provide a firm base for the replaced flagstones and wooden floorboards. Window frames and glass have been repaired, and windows will be put in place when the outside scaffolding is dismantled.

Painting continues on the ceilings and walls. Additional limewash will be applied to the sections of the exterior harling damaged by the severe winter frosts. There has been a slight delay in the installation of the new cast iron guttering; a special license is required for the lead paint to be used on them.

It is hoped the work will be completed in the next 3-4 months.

Another tour of the East Church will take place on Tuesday, 15 June at 7.00pm.


Right: David Alston answers questions following a guided tour of East Church restoration work.

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