03 August 2010
Old thatch removed from Hugh Miller cottage

Graham Carter, a member of the East Anglia Thatchers Association, has begun the ten-week task of re-thatching Hugh Miller's birthplace cottage.

When the thatch was completely replaced in 1977 it was given a 'shelf life' of 25 years. Thirty-three years later, when the thatch was wearing thin and leaks appeared in the roof, remedial action was required. Due to the failure of the River Tay reed harvest lalst year, the thatch has been imported from mainland Europe.

The re-thatching has a provisional budget of £30,000, 1/3 of which will be covered by Historic Scotland's annual repair grant scheme.

Although access is restricted because of the scaffolding, the cottage remains open. Visitors can view progress of the work from Church Street or from the Garden of Wonders behind Miller House. 


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