18 March 2011
Forth Bequest update

After a public meeting held on 24 January, several possible options for the best use of Dr Forth’s Bequest were ranked in order of their popularity:

  1. Tennis court: 26 votes for, 1 against
  2. Tractor/snow plough: 17 votes for, 2 against
  3. Children's play equipment: 25 votes for, 0 against
  4. Reeds Path upkeep: 11 votes for, 13 against

With the help of match funding from other sources, it should be possible to support all three of the most popular projects with the Bequest. The Community Council will take forward the purchase of both the snow plough and the children’s play equipment. People are now needed to help with the creation and management of a new tennis court in Cromarty. Those interested should contact either the Chair, Ronald Young on 600493, or the Treasurer, Vivienne Griffiths on 600551 by Sunday, 27 March.

It was obvious from the results that there was not enough support for the Reeds Path project, and it was agreed that this should be a separate fundraising project with the relevant agency.

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