04 May 2011
It's voting day tomorrow, 5 May

A Scottish Parliamentary General Election will take place on Thursday, 5 May, 2011. The election will be combined with the Referendum on the voting system to the UK Parliament. The Cromarty polling station in the Victoria Hall will be open from 7.00am until 10.00pm.

After you register at the polling station, you will be given three ballot papers:

► Lilac-coloured paper to elect our MSP for the new Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch constituency. Mark one cross (X) opposite the name of one candidate. The candidate with the most votes wins.

► Peach-coloured ballot paper for Seven Additional Members from the Highlands and Islands Regional List. Mark one cross (X) opposite the name of one party.

► Grey-coloured ballot paper for the Referendum: "At present, the UK uses the first-past-the-post system to elect MPs to the House of Commons. Should the alternative vote system be used instead?" Electors show their choice by putting a cross (X) in the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ box.

There are several websites giving particulars on the candidates, parties and voting procedures. For general information, see the Highland Council website; for referendum information, go to the 'About my vote' website where Victor will explain the two voting systems.

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