13 May 2011
A glimpse of life from 1986

Twenty-five years ago the BBC initiated the Domesday Project, a snapshot of life in 1986. There were more than 150,000 text entries and 23,000 images contributed from all over the UK by school children, community groups and the general public.

Yesterday, the Domesday Reloaded website went public, and this fascinating archive is now available for everyone to view.

Although there are no entries from Cromarty itself, a Domesday 'block' just along the shore road features Udale and Farness farms, Scotts Garage, fish farming and the annual raft race in 14 pages of schoolchildren's descriptions of family life, education and industry on the Black Isle.

This slide from the Domeday archive shows "a large area of sea. It borders with a caravan site which is situated on the beach and then shows a slight rise with agricultural land."

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