14 July 2011
Share your journey

The Cromarty and District Community Council is keen to promote car-sharing in our local area. As a first step — to determine the interest in such a faciility — there is now an option to ask for, or to offer, a lift on the Cromarty Live Classified page.

If you are willing to share your car with passengers on a regular basis, or as a 'one off', click onto the 'Add Small Ad' on the Classified page and scroll down to 'Lift Offered' under the Advert Type. In the Advert Text section, give details of dates, times, pick up and drop off points. If you require a ride, scroll down to 'Lift Wanted' and give the same information.

Please note car sharers will need to contact each other and arrange lifts. There are no security measures built into this system, and those making arrangements to share journeys should use common sense and follow guidelines such as those given in the HITRANS sharing system.

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