09 October 2011
Give to someone in need this Christmas

Now that Harvest is past, the 'shoe box ladies' are collecting items for the annual Blythswood Shoe Box Appeal. This year their goal is to send 150 boxes to those in need (Romania for Cromarty's boxes.)

During October they are asking for donations of individual items such as clothing, stationery, toiletries and miscellaneous items such as small toys or kitchen utensils. The following items are in short supply: toothbrushes, toothpaste, face cloths and — in particular — gloves of any size. Both individual items and completed boxes are welcome and should be taken to the West Church or left with Alison Watson at 49 High Street.

You can download a leaflet with a checklist and instructions for packing a box or watch a video 'Thanks for thinking of me' on YouTube.

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