10 August 2013
Medieval Burgh Community Archaelogical Project comes to an end for 2013

Today was the final day of the first season's dig at the Reeds Field on the east side of Cromarty.

Winter storms and high tides in December 2012 caused erosion along the coastal Reeds Path which exposed extensive archaeological remains. The Cromarty Medieval Burgh Community Archaeology Project was devised to provide an opportunity for professional archaeologists to work together with local community members and other interested volunteers to uncover early remains of the Medieval origins of the town and extend knowledge of its "settlement, function and economy".

It is anticipated that a minimum of three years (at present staffing and funding levels) will be needed to realise the research potential of the project.

Today, visitors were guided around the site by Ellie Graham of SCAPE (upper photo), Steve Birch of West Coast Archaeological Services (lower photo, also showing Mary Peteranna and Lynn Fraser of Ross and Cromarty Archaeological Services) and Paul Monk of the Cromarty Courthouse Museum.

For those who weren't able to visit the site while the dig was in progress, a marquee with informative display boards will be remain in place for another few days. More information on website.

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