26 April 2014
More drama in Blackhaven!

Tape marked the outline of the recently deceased Thaddeus Glockenspiel, proprietor of Blackhaven Herbals and dispenser of 'alternative remedies'. A Dyson vacuum cleaner, donkey's head, numerous other clues and red herrings were presented to the guests at the Royal Hotel Murder Mystery dinners on Thursday and Friday evenings. Inspector Dennis MacYard led the enquiry as guests were presented with a cast of suspicious characters and their dubious alibis. Who was the murderer: the incompetent chimney sweep, the unregistered orthodontist, the light-fingered cleaner, the protector of unloved donkeys, the cross-dressing fencer, the timid librarian, the fierce guardian of the unique Blackhaven Beauty apple tree?

Cromarty's Crime and Thrillers Weekend continues with talks, workshops and a supper concert.

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