10 December 2014
An anecdote to cold winds and Christmas shopping

If you are tired of Christmas shopping and don't want to leave the confines of Cromarty in this wintry weather, come along to the remaining talks that form part of the 'Talk, Tea and Torte' series hosted in the Hugh Miller Museum. NTS Property Manager Alix Powers-Jones reports on the recent talk by Dr. Stephan Matthiesen from the University of Edinburgh:

"Such was the anticipation for his talk on 'Patterns in Nature' that the front parlour of Miller House was packed with people and Stephan did not disappoint. We dipped into a variety of fascinating examples including the formation of the Basalt columns of the Giant’s Causeway (a process that can be apparently replicated using corn flour!); the angles of atoms in water molecules and effects of temperature on the shape of snowflakes; not to mention the mathematics of pineapples."

The remaining talks are 'Conservation in Action' on 11 December and 'Elastic Connections' on 18 December (details on Calendar page).

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