26 February 2015
Cromarty Parish Church at crossroads

A public meeting is planned for Tuesday, 10 March at 7.00pm to discuss the future of Cromarty Parish Church of Scotland. A flyer issued to all households in the parish by the Cromarty Church Kirk Session states:

"Your Parish Church Christian family has faithfully served this community for almost 400 years and wants to go on doing so, but has now reached a critical crossroads. Attendance has fallen to a point where we no longer have the resources to serve the community as we would wish… Would you like to help rejuvenate the Parish Church Christian Family as a living, supportive and meaningful part of the Cromarty community? Does the potential loss of the Parish Church in Cromarty concern you? "

These issues will be raised at the meeting in the West Church Hall at 7.00pm. Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be available after the meeting.

Photo: "West Church' by Calum Davidson

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