16 March 2015
Skies will darken over Cromarty on Friday

On Friday, 20 March a total eclipse of the sun will occur in the northern reaches of Europe between mainland Britain and Iceland. This happens when the moon passes between Earth and the sun blotting out sunlight. From our position in the north of Scotland 95% of the sun will be blocked by the moon's shadow at approximately 9.40am.

Children in Cromarty Primary School will be taken outdoors to see the darkness (but not look directly at the sun).

A number of special cruises have been organised to take holidaymakers north into the path of the eclipse, including the Marco Polo which will visit Invergordon on Wednesday as part of an '11 Nights Solar Eclipse and Northern Lights Spectacular'.

Remember, you should NEVER look directly at the sun and always wear appropriate protective eyewear.


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